Spatial Computing

Immersive Vision: Redesigning the ISRO Website with Vision Pro VR Experience

Explore the Cosmos Like Never Before
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Our goal: transform the ISRO website into an immersive spatial computing experience for Apple Vision Pro users. By blending spatial computing technology, we aimed to create a captivating browsing journey for space enthusiasts. Through meticulous user research, we pinpointed areas for improvement and prioritized features to engage our target audience effectively.

We delved into user preferences, integrating spatial computing elements like 3D visuals and intuitive gestures. Our strategy revolved around seamless user interaction and captivating content presentation. Leveraging Apple Vision Pro's advanced capabilities, we aimed to redefine how users engage with space exploration content, crafting an experience that transcends traditional web browsing.

Our efforts culminated in an ISRO website redesign offering an extraordinary spatial computing experience. Users are transported into the realm of space exploration, interacting with content in unprecedented ways. From immersive visualizations to intuitive navigation, every aspect has been optimized for engagement. This integration of spatial computing technology not only enhances user interaction but also sets a new standard for online exploration.

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