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Cover all the aspects of your lending solutions

Capture online applications & generate financial assessment results



Scale your Bank's business rapidly! We provide SAAS end-to end loan management service to financial institutions of all sizes. Covering the full loan lifecycle – origination, capturing information, financial analysis, risk assessment, credibility check, loan contracting and Fulfillment – our solutions make lending easier by improving customer onboarding, increasing transparency and streamlining back-office operations

The system captures your customer's product needs, business model, financial detail from reliable sources and based on that, it presents the suitable products offered by your bank. Upon selecting a product, the system carries out configurable rules for financial ration analysis, collateral valuation, credit assessment etc and generates a result of customer's credibility and capability.

Verification can be time-consuming, tedious and slow when done manually. Our system does that for you. It analyses all identity documents and extracts the information in a completely automated way. After that, using highly accurate algorithms and AI modals, it verify data and provide a decisions about the authenticity of the document to align with your security expectations


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